Today’s the day! Launching the Pozible campaign for IS THERE BODY IN OUR SOUND?, an ambitious event I’m curating that will take place over four days in December 2014, with four exciting multi-disciplinary artists from around Australia. These artists – Sarah Byrne (QLD/VIC), Graeme Croft (VIC), Andrew Harper (TAS) & Matthew Hopkins (NSW) – will explore the physical, social, spiritual, psychological and digital interactions between sound and the body through a series of performances and installations at Melbourne’s Goodtime Studios. Please visit and support the project in any way you can (it ends on June 30)! ՞◌′ᵕ



This initiative was supported by the Australian government through its philanthropy and social investment agency for the cultural sector, Creative Partnerships Australia.


The project is also supported by Liquid Architecture.

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The new year is alive and kicking. Two gigs for January, back to back. With more on the way. The first is with a friend visiting back home from NYC, Angus Tarnawsky. Angus is in charge of In Context Music.

The second show is with the good folk at Sabbatical at my new favourite local space, Holdings.

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Great news! I’ve been selected to present work in the Channels Festival in Melbourne - Australia’s first video art festival since the early 90s.

My work Please Set The Clock, which has now screened at several international festivals and at other local events, is coming back home. It will be screen as part of the public projection program Nocturne at Chin Chin’s Wall of Art during the festival from 16 - 21 September. It also will have repeat screenings on 1 - 10 October and 2 - 29 November.

This is a really important and exciting time for video and media in Australia. Check out the full program on the festival website and check out as much work as you can.

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In April I received an invitation from Raymonda Rajkowski and Felicity Strong to contribute work to Blindside’s annual Screen Series.

In their own words: “With Open Arms brings together contemporary Australian artists who explore, transform and expose analogue and digital terrains to experiment with as well as reflect upon the technical and conceptual potential of video. This exhibition reveals the various ways artists are using and engaging with technology in the 21st century to generate and share moving imagery.”

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my new work for the exhibition, titled Crooked Lines, from which the still image above is taken from.

The exhibition runs from 10 - 13 July, with opening night on Thursday 11 July from 6-8pm. There will be an artist discussion hosted by the loveable and learned Jared Davis (Experimenta) on Saturday 13 July at 2:30pm.

Blindside have put together a great mini-site for the Screen Series. This should happen more often!

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Convulsions by Jonathon Nokes

It’s time to let this one out. Convulsions is a piece I’ve been working on since late last year. I don’t know that I need to say too much about it. It’s a personal piece, something rather cathartic once I step away from it. Since being diagnosed with a serious illness last year, I’ve spent a lot of time with MRI machines. The clicking and whirring of those huge magnets, surrounded by cold plastic and itchy blankets leaves you feeling very odd indeed. On repeat.

So, this is it. Hopefully I’ll be releasing this on vinyl later in the year or early next (with who is yet to be determined), but I feel a lot better having this piece out there.

Please listen to on headphones or alone in a dark room with great speakers.

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Decomposed - West Space (Nokes Berka Huang-Dean) from Matthew Berka on Vimeo.

This video is an excerpt from the 20 minute quadraphonic performance given by Byron Huang-Dean, Matthew Berka and myself for Decomposed at West Space back in November of last year. It was an awfully hot November evening, but so it was great that so many people came out for the show. A much belated thank you.

Please watch in HD with headphones or decent speakers. Thanks to Matthew for editing and hosting the video.

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My modular co-conspirator, Marcus Cook, and I have been invited to Sydney for the 2013 instalment of Moduluxxx - a gathering of modular synthesiser and electronics performers, makers and enthusiasts. This is the second year for Moduluxxx, and it’s great to see the growing amount of interest in this technology that has been around for quite some time. It’s seeing a huge resurgence and is being developed in such new and exciting ways.

Marcus and I will be performing in the showcase on Saturday May 25 at the Red Rattler in Marrickville. We’re playing alongside Sydney locals Alex White and Four Door (with visuals by Pia van Gelder), and very special guest Russell Haswell (UK). Entry is $15.

Check the website for the full range of activities across the weekend.

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As always, I’m excited to announce another irregular performance opportunity. Irregular in that it’s not just another gig around town - this one is special. This time it’s over 30 acts in a room, playing 15 minute sets (or less) of wild, crazy, wonderful, experimental shit.

Sabbatical and No PA are organising this year’s International Noise Conference - Melbourne Edition at Goodtime Studios on Swanston St. The last time it was held here was back in 2011 at KIPL.

What’s also special is that Mattin will be in town and performing at INC. Do some reading.

See you there!

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Sabbatical presents: LOW HEADROOM


This is so exciting! The always wonderful people at Sabbatical have invited me to perform in their curated event ‘Low Headroom’, as part of the White Night Festival here in Melbourne. Look at that lineup!

The event is going to take place in a service corridor underneath the Theatres Building of the Arts Centre. The fact that we’re getting away with this is amazing really. I mean, who would have thought that the artists involved would really be playing in a place like this. As Sabbatical put it so eloquently - “the lowest point in a temple of high culture.”

UPDATE: A little promo video from Leith.

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DECOMPOSED at West Space


Coming up on the November 29, Tender Collection (Byron Huang-Dean and myself) are presenting DECOMPOSED at West Space - a night of improvised audiovisual performances in quadraphonic sound. Come along to experience the presentation of new improvised performance work in an immersive environment from a diverse range of local artists and a very special international guest - Keith Fullerton Whitman (USA).

We’re excited to present the performances quadraphonically, something that doesn’t happen often enough. 

Byron and I will also be performing first up with video artist Matthew Berka

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